About Waves Bistro

With high streets full of chain restaurants and fast food franchises, it can be difficult to remember how freshly cooked food should taste. At the Waves Bistro, the Team – led by owner Matthew- has a robust belief in serving high quality meals with excellence as standard.

Owner Matthew enjoys eating out, but was tiring of lengthy menus offering a mixture of cuisines and trying to be all things to all customers. He realised that what really sets a restaurant apart is understanding its strengths and playing to them sitting after sitting and night after night.

With a clarity of thought, Matthew developed a Waves Bistro menu that would bring together his two favourite items on any menu- steak and seafood. Matthew is not alone in his love of steak and seafood and the new Waves Bistro has proved very popular.

Diners can tuck into the ultimate in T-Bone and Rib eye steaks, kept company by tomato, a field mushroom, wedges or mash and -everyone’s guilty secret – onion rings. For those who prefer to take a walk on the seaside, the salmon fillet, tuna steak and roasted hake are all served with perfectly matched side dishes. With fresh produce at the heart of the Waves menu, the Lobster Tail is served with a peppery watercress salad and fresh salsa.

Waves Bistro certainly places a strong emphasis on the main course, but the starters and desert are just as tempting. Do you enjoy the best of the ocean with Atlantic prawn twists or pan-fried scallops? Or hold out for the luxury tiramisu or the -utterly delicious – white chocolate profiteroles.

Why not throw caution to the wind and treat yourself to an unforgettable three course meal? If you’re thinking about treating someone special, then the Waves Mother’s Day menu is what every woman wants. No shopping, cooking or washing up – just a stunning and well-balanced menu at £14.99 per person. Waves are a family-friendly bistro with a little menu that perfectly geared to children.

Matthew xx, owner of Waves Bistro, said, "There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a menu that promises endless dishes but delivers lacklustre food. At Waves Bistro, we have worked hard to create a menu that focuses on steak and seafood and the guarantees customer satisfaction every time. Steak and seafood must be cooked to perfection in order to preserve delicate tastes and juicy tenderness. The Waves Bistro brings together stunning produce, cooked to perfection in a warm and friendly atmosphere".